D-Plus status page (hosted on the actual repeater)


D-Plus Registration


D-Star Control Commands

DPlus Reflectors

L to Link, ex. REF054CL
U to Unlink, ex. _______U (seven spaces then “U”)
I to Query Status, ex. _______I (seven spaces then “I”)
E for Echo, ex. _______E (seven spaces then “E”)

DCS and XRF Reflectors

O to Link (“O” stands for “on”), ex. XRF054BO
T to Unlink (“T” stands for “terminate”), ex. _______T (seven spaces then “T”)
W to Query Status, ex. _______W (seven spaces then “W”)

If the repeater will not respond to standard DPlus commands, it’s likely linked to a DCS or XRF reflector.  Try to query the status to see if this is the case, and if it is, use the “T” command to unlink it so that you can relink the repeater to a DPlus reflector.

Helpful Instructions for Download

W4GSO New User Registration Instructions

New to the D-Star repeater? Not sure how to register or get started on the W4GSO repeater? Download this PDF for a good start.

D-Controller Instructions

Need information about the D-Controller? Use this D-Controller User Sheet to get settled in, there's lots of information here.

D-Star Training Presentation

Looking for more help on D-Star? View this helpful PowerPoint Presentation from our very own club members.