November GARA Meeting: Annual Meeting/Election and Micro Fox Hunt

This month, it is very important that all club members attend either in person or online as we will have our annual leadership election. This is our opportunity to help shape our club with our vote. Please plan to attend.

Many thanks to John Crabtree, KJ4JWC and Fred Lomax, W4US for being our Nominating Committee this year. Here are the nominations from last month’s meeting.  Please let us know if you are interested in running for a board position or would like to nominate someone else.  We can have multiple candidates for each position!

President:  Steve Brannon K4STB
Vice President:  Ray Cline KQ4ATH
Secretary:  Greg Ray KK4MHY
Treasurer:  Dave McLin AC4A
Financial:  Scott Toth ND4L
Engineering:  Matt Trull KX4GG
Membership:  Carl Fenske KC4WGA
At Large: Jesse Lindley K4AX
At Large: Terence Crandall N4TLC

We will also have a small fox practice if there is time at the end, so if you have a fox hunting antenna you would like to practice with, there will be a hidden fox somewhere around Sarah’s Kabobs. This will be a good opportunity to learn and practice with other hams before our next fox hunt.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Good Luck,
Steve Brannan K4STB
Vice President

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