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Becoming a member isn't just about what the club has to offer you. It's about building a community and getting involved in Ham Radio with one of the most active and family friendly clubs in the Triad. From Field Day, Antenna Parties, Monthly Meetings, Antenna Building Parties, Fox Hunts, Nets & Repeaters to just helping out a ham that needs a ride to and from a specific QTH (location). GARA is ready to welcome you.

Membership $24

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  • The Feed Line (our monthly publication)
  • Repeater Access
  • D-Star (includes D-Stars gateway)
  • Email Newsletter
  • Monthly Club Meetings
  • Access to the Website's Forums
  • Access to our Online Community
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Family Membership $24

Do you live under the same roof?No Extra Costs

  • Same benefits as standard member package
  • One low cost for you and your family
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Membership Fee: $24/year

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Note: Family memberships are available for persons living under the same roof or if a family member is a school student living away from home - no extra charge.
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