MMDVM Repeater

This is a multimode digital repeater that is setup to handle both D-Star and Yeasu System Fusion (C4FM) traffic.  Either mode can be used locally (both unlinked), or linked to various D-Star or YSF reflectors.  D-Star linking uses the standard commands as outlined below.  YSF linking uses Wires-X commands (see the Yaesu Wires-X manual for details).  When both are linked, whichever mode has traffic gets priority.  If both have traffic, the mode that was received by the repeater last gets priority.

D-Plus Registration (to use D-Star linking)


D-Star Control Commands

D-Star Reflectors

L to Link in 8th position, ex. REF054CL
U to Unlink, ex. _______U (seven spaces then “U”)
I to Query Status, ex. _______I (seven spaces then “I”)
E for Echo, ex. _______E (seven spaces then “E”)


Helpful Instructions for Download

W4GSO New User Registration Instructions

New to the D-Star repeater? Not sure how to register or get started on the W4GSO repeater? Download this PDF for a good start.

D-Star Training Presentation

Looking for more help on D-Star? View this helpful PowerPoint Presentation from our very own club members.