• Collins Conover posted an update 7 years, 9 months ago

    UHF D-Star hotspot operating in Richland, WA at 440.950Mhz. It is usually connected to W4GSO B. I joined GARA so that I could support the club’s D-Star repeater system.

    Today I heard some local hams on 146.58Mhz simplex. They were talking about their 5 ghz mesh network. I think I’m going to reach out to them and try to build a node for the network.

    I live in the Pacific Northwest in eastern Washington state. I moved here from Maryland on June 19th 2014. The first year here was pretty busy with all of the changes. My wife and I managed to sell our Maryland homes in February and April 2015.

    About that same time I found a little bit more free time and travel money. I flew to Greensboro with my two sons Andrew and Matthew for Easter. I had the pleasure of meeting many GARA members during that trip. Cameron lended me a D-Star ht while I was in town.

    When I got back to Richland, WA I immediately pulled my GMSK modem out of storage and put my hotspot back up. It hadn’t been in use since 2012! I am having so much fun now that I’m back on D-Star. I don’t think it would have been possible in my old life back in Maryland!