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March GARA Meeting: HF Nets

Our speaker this month will be Donnie Hurst (KG4ZOD). Donnie will talk about HF nets and how to participate in them. Donnie is a member of and frequent contributor to several HF nets and has a lot of information to share. As I noted in our last meeting, Field Day is fast approaching. I am still looking for a volunteer to run the Field Day preparations. Please let me know if you are interested. Finally, I will be presenting a few ideas for other club activities during the year. Field Day is obviously a big one, but there are many other possibilities. Hopefully we can identify two or three more we can do this year in addition to Field Day. I ...

W4GSO UHF Digital Dashboard

Last November (2018), GARA installed its newest repeater: a Yaesu DR-1X modified to run digital modes using an MMDVM modem and running the now-ubiquitous PiStar operating system.  This new setup, recently designated the "Steve Blackford, K4SQI Memorial Digital Repeater" by the GARA board of directors, replaced the aging D-star-only repeater that served Greensboro for ten years.  While the repeater setup, which runs both D-star and Fusion/C4FM, has been working very well, until now there hasn't been a way to see to which reflectors the repeater is linked or tell who has used it recently.  Thankfully that problem has finally been resolved.  The ...

Solar Power for Amateurs

You won't want to miss this month's presentation at the GARA general meeting.  Our own Carl Fenske, KC4WGA will describe his solar-charged battery power supplies. We will be using it during Winter Field Day (WFD), Jan 26 and 27, for some extra points.  This is a great opportunity for you to learn about solar panel basics, what to avoid, and how to put together your own system for operating or other purposes.  We hope to see you there!

Prepare to Cast Your Ballots

  November is election month for GARA, and this month's meeting is an important one.  Here is the list of candidates and positions, so please be sure to attend the meeting so that we can go into the new year strong with a full board.  We also need one more to run for Operations Chair, so if you're interested, please let George McCormick, KN4JPB or Patrick Moore, K2CPR know at the meeting.  The meeting location and time is listed below. FOR THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT Scott Toth, ND4L FOR THE OFFICE OF VICE-PRESIDENT David McLin, AC4A FOR THE OFFICE OF ENGINEERING CHAIR Matt Trull, KX4GG FOR THE OFFICE OF FINANCIAL CHAIR John ...

October GARA Meeting

This month, Nathan Jackson (K4NWJ) will be giving a presentation on the Greensboro and NC public service communications infrastructure. Nathan is a lifelong resident of Sophia NC, just south of Greensboro, near the “tall towers.” He has been married to his wife Amy for 12 years and has a daughter ( Abby / 6) and a son (Davis / 2.5). Nathan has been involved in amateur radio since March of 2000 and currently holds a General Class License. His amateur radio interests range from long distance DX to local repeater and simplex contacts, all by using various emission modes (data, voice, etc.), to public service, to dabbling in equipment maintenance and ...

September GARA Meeting

With the proliferation of cheaper digital handheld radios, it has become much more affordable for hams to connect through the internet to others around the world. However, the repeaters that used to be required to do this haven't gotten cheaper. With the advent of "digital hotspots," amateurs are now able to talk with other hams worldwide without needing to rely on a repeater at all. In this month's GARA presentation by Scott Toth, ND4L, you'll learn what to buy and how to build an inexpensive hotspot that will put all of your digital radios to use even when you're not near a repeater. You can download a copy of the presentation slides here:

August GARA Meeting

This months presentation will be by our own Chris Thompson (K4HC) on pointing your antenna. Here is his description of his talk: Where away? That’s a nautical term for questioning which direction something is. In ham radio, that’s not always as easy as you might think. Come learn a little about which direction that DX really is at the August GARA club meeting.

No June Meeting

Because of the activities at Hagan-Stone Park for Field Day, there is no normal monthly club meeting in June.  We'll see you in July!

Join GARA for Field Day at Hagan Stone Park!

Field Day 2018 is fast approaching.  According to the ARRL, the objective of Field Day is: The site at Hagan Stone Park is very nice with plenty of room for antennas. Operating positions will be inside the tree line, providing lots of shade. There are quite a few picnic tables, a fire pit, and a grill. Since it’s a camp ground, you can bring tents if you would like to stay overnight Friday or Saturday nights. We will be operating as class 2A this year. There will be an information booth, but no GOTA station unless we get enough volunteers to run it (none so far). If you want to volunteer, please let me know.  Of course, the official Field ...

April GARA Meeting

Matt Trull (KX4GG) will be discussing the FT-8 digital mode. Although relatively new, it has taken the HF digital world by storm. Matt will cover setting up and using the WSJT-X software, FT-8 best operating practices, and hints for maximizing your QSO rate. I hope you'll be there!