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July GARA Meeting – Field Day Wrap-Up

Join us on Monday evening, July 27, for our July GARA meeting. Due to continuing COVID-19 concerns, the meeting will be held on the 145.150MHz W4GSO VHF repeater beginning at 7:15pm. We will take check-ins per normal, and after a short business meeting, David McLin, AC4A will tell us about the GARA Field Day activities, who participated and how, and our resulting score. Be sure to drop by!

Special Meeting with ARRL Section Manager on June 23

Calling all local hams: here is some information about an opportunity to meet with Dr. Marv Hoffman, WA4NC, the new NC ARRL Section Manager.  The meeting will be held online via Zoom and will take place from 6:00-7:00pm this coming Tuesday, June 23.  Dr. Hoffman will give a PowerPoint presentation and address as many topics as possible during the meeting time.  Since space is limited, please RSVP with Scott Toth, ND4L by June 20 if you would like to attend. Please e-mail Scott at nd4l @ outlook.com.  Include your name, callsign, email address and optionally one or more topics you would like for Dr. ...

GARA May Meeting- FT8!

Our May meeting will be a tutorial on how to use FT8. We will take check-ins on the W4GSO 145.150MHz (100Hz tone) repeater beginning at 7:15pm on Monday, May 25, but you can watch the demo via live stream on YouTube in the embedded player below: https://youtu.be/8Pl0hmoNL8o

Meeting on the Air

This month’s program is on Emergency Preparedness. As amateur radio operators, we have already committed ourselves to providing emergency communications, but we must be ready to respond to and survive during an emergency. For individuals or families, emergency preparedness includes plans to respond to a house fire, an extended power outage, or an evacuation. Some large-scale emergencies include natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding), wide spread disease outbreaks, and terrorist attacks. Will Glasgow, KN4WMC, is passionate about emergency preparedness and he will present some of the basics of emergency preparedness ...

March GARA Meeting: On the W4GSO 145.150MHz Repeater due to COVID-19

The program this month will be presented by Scott Toth, ND4L and Matt Trull, KX4GG on The C4FM/Fusion Digital Mode.  This is one of the modes that we can access on both our 145.15MHz and 442.8625MHz GARA club repeaters.  I would like to invite everyone in the club to join in the conversation on our 145.15 repeater at our virtual club meeting Monday, March 23 from 7:15-8:30 PM.  Please consider inviting Hams who are not currently members of our club, as well as members of other clubs, to join us.   On a personal note, I have had a Fusion HT for almost a year, but have not known how to program my radio nor take advantage of ...

February GARA Meeting: Cutting the TV Cord

At this month’s program, I will be presenting why you may want to consider TV CORD CUTTING. We will discuss the components of Over-the-Air television (like we used to do before cable TV was an option), choosing the best antenna (bigger isn’t always better with a TV antenna), OTH and streaming programming, and setting up an OTA DVR for your home. I will conclude with a live demonstration. Carl Fenske, KC4WGA Meeting Info

GARA Monthly Program Survey

In an effort to serve our membership better, we would like to get your input into which presentations and programs you'd like to see. Please complete the form below to let us know! Loading…

January GARA Meting: Antenna Design with Roger Stout, N4RWS

I became fascinated with antennas in a UHF/ Microwave course many years before being licensed as KC4YLQ in 1991. (now N4RWS).  I've been privileged to work in areas that continued to pique my interest having spent nine years with Bell Labs.  While there I had the honor to work in a 60 man department which included Phillip Smith just prior to his retirement.  Needless to say I felt an obligation to learn to use his brainchild the Smith Chart.  Thank goodness for the tutorials which were in the back of the "old" RCA tube manuals, I read the examples till the pages fell out.  My last 40 years of employment was with Gilbarco here in Greensboro. ...

Winter Field Day with GARA

Winter Field Day (WFD) will take place this year starting Saturday on January 25, at  2 PM  and ending Sunday, January 26 at 2 PM. Just like the ARRL Field Day. We can start setting up the Friday before (Jan. 24) no earlier than 2 PM. This year, we will be operating from Hagan Stone park, group campsite 1, the same location we used for the ARRL Field Day last June. The current plan is to operate one HF station. Scott (ND4L) has agreed to lend us his tent for the operating station, so now all we need are volunteers and equipment. We will set up Friday afternoon starting at 2 PM, complete any remaining setup Saturday morning, and begin&n...

No December Meeting

Enjoy the holidays with your friends and family and we will see you again in January! Please be looking for communications related to Winter Field Day at Hagan Stone Park in the near future. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from the Greensboro Amateur Radio Association.