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February GARA Meeting: Cutting the TV Cord

At this month’s program, I will be presenting why you may want to consider TV CORD CUTTING. We will discuss the components of Over-the-Air television (like we used to do before cable TV was an option), choosing the best antenna (bigger isn’t always better with a TV antenna), OTH and streaming programming, and setting up an OTA DVR for your home. I will conclude with a live demonstration. Carl Fenske, KC4WGA Meeting Info

GARA Monthly Program Survey

In an effort to serve our membership better, we would like to get your input into which presentations and programs you'd like to see. Please complete the form below to let us know! Loading…

January GARA Meting: Antenna Design with Roger Stout, N4RWS

I became fascinated with antennas in a UHF/ Microwave course many years before being licensed as KC4YLQ in 1991. (now N4RWS).  I've been privileged to work in areas that continued to pique my interest having spent nine years with Bell Labs.  While there I had the honor to work in a 60 man department which included Phillip Smith just prior to his retirement.  Needless to say I felt an obligation to learn to use his brainchild the Smith Chart.  Thank goodness for the tutorials which were in the back of the "old" RCA tube manuals, I read the examples till the pages fell out.  My last 40 years of employment was with Gilbarco here in Greensboro. ...

Winter Field Day with GARA

Winter Field Day (WFD) will take place this year starting Saturday on January 25, at  2 PM  and ending Sunday, January 26 at 2 PM. Just like the ARRL Field Day. We can start setting up the Friday before (Jan. 24) no earlier than 2 PM. This year, we will be operating from Hagan Stone park, group campsite 1, the same location we used for the ARRL Field Day last June. The current plan is to operate one HF station. Scott (ND4L) has agreed to lend us his tent for the operating station, so now all we need are volunteers and equipment. We will set up Friday afternoon starting at 2 PM, complete any remaining setup Saturday morning, and begin&n...

No December Meeting

Enjoy the holidays with your friends and family and we will see you again in January! Please be looking for communications related to Winter Field Day at Hagan Stone Park in the near future. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from the Greensboro Amateur Radio Association.

Prepare to Cast Your Ballots

November is election month for GARA, and this month's meeting is an important one.  To encourage you to attend, we will be holding a door-prize drawing for two Baofeng UHF HT radios (no money necessary!).  Just come, get a ticket, and you have a chance to win! Here is the list of candidates and positions, so please be sure to attend the meeting so that we can go into the new year strong with a full board.  We also need someone to run for Operations Chair, so if you're interested, please let our Nominating Committee, Dan Williams, N2LGH and Bill Flaherty, W1GY know at the meeting or send them an e-mail.  All of the positions are open, so if you are ...

October GARA Meeting – Battery Management

This month I will be talking about a battery management project I am working on for a set of LiPo batteries to power a portable station. The goal is to monitor the status of each battery in the set and to automatically switch a battery to a solar charger or to the radio as needed. I built a manual system to do this, but now I want to automate it. I hope you find it interesting.Also, winter Field Day is coming up, so if you are interested, please let me know. I will discuss it at the meeting. Several of us participated in last year's event and had a good time, so I hope you will consider helping out this year. 73,David McLin, AC4A Meeting ...

September GARA Meeting – Inexpensive VNAs in Action

A number of club members have recently purchased a vector network analyzer called “NanoVNA” off of eBay and we will be demonstrating how it works and measuring various antennas to show how well they’re tuned. These devices can measure many different electrical parameters including complex impedance, reflected power and SWR to show you the performance of your antenna or antenna system. If you’d like to see how your antenna stacks up, bring it along! This will be a fun and educational demonstration of an inexpensive piece of measurement equipment at work. Update: here is the link to the NanoVNA on eBay if you are interested in purchasing ...

August GARA Meeting

Have you ever wondered what it takes to coordinate a large, international, and dangerous trip to a remote location so that other hams can add that new entity to their QSL lists? The 2015 Navassa Island K1N DXpedition is a great example of how to raise funds, coordinate activities, and run a successful trip. Come and visit GARA at its new meeting location (Sarah's Kabob Shop in Greensboro) and watch a video talk together with us as we learn about this important event and how it happened. Come at 6:30 to eat, and the meeting will begin promptly at 7:15. Meeting Location and Info

GARA Meetings are Moving!

It's been a while since GARA changed meeting locations, but considering the challenges we faced at our old location, the Board decided it was time for a fresh start. A number of GARA members, as well as some Board members, suggested trying Sarah's Kabob Shop taking into consideration the way food is ordered, the available meeting space, the restaurant's location, and other factors. After talking to the owner and getting the meeting times on their schedule, we're happy to announce the new location. Meeting times and format will remain the same. Thanks for helping us to make this a successful transition!