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April GARA Meeting: New Location and GPS Disciplined Oscillators

We will be having a presentation from Brad, KN4ODM, on GPS Disciplined Oscillators at this month's meeting. Beginning this month, meetings will be held at the PorterHouse Burger Company. Join Online Here

March GARA Meeting – RARS and TARPN

Tadd and Nancy Torborg will be presenting at this month's meeting. Nancy, KB2TNR, will provide information on the upcoming RARSfest in Raleigh, and Tadd, KA2DEW, will do a presentation on TARPN. They will need a little more time than usual so we are going to move the start of the meeting up 15 minutes beginning at 7:00 PM so we can get business conducted and they can begin around 7:15 PM.Thanks,John CrabtreeKJ4JWCGARA Vice President Google Meet Link

January GARA Meeting: New Trailer, and WFD Prep

This month, we will hear from David McLin AC4A in preparation of Winter Field Day. David has with the help of several others worked hard to have a good plan in place for this year’s event, and we surely hope to have a great participation rate. We encourage everyone to come out, even if just for a few minutes to see the setup and maybe make a few calls on the air. We are also looking at options on how we can potentially stream part of Winter Field Day as well. Not only that, but our brand new trailer will be at the meeting on Monday and at WFD too! Come check it out and help us decide how best to outfit and configure it. Event Calendar ...

Winter Field Day with GARA

Winter Field Day (WFD) will take place starting Saturday, January 28, at  2 PM  and ending Sunday, January 29 at 2 PM. Just like the ARRL Field Day. We can start setting up the Friday before (Jan. 27) no earlier than 2 PM. This year, we will be operating from Hagan Stone park, group campsite 1, the same location we used for the ARRL Field Day last June.The current plan is to operate one HF station. Scott (ND4L) has agreed to lend us his tent for the operating station, so now all we need are volunteers and equipment. We will set up Friday afternoon starting at 2 PM, complete any remaining setup Saturday morning, and begin operating at 2 PM. We will ...

November GARA Meeting: Annual Meeting/Election and Micro Fox Hunt

This month, it is very important that all club members attend either in person or online as we will have our annual leadership election. This is our opportunity to help shape our club with our vote. Please plan to attend. Many thanks to John Crabtree, KJ4JWC and Fred Lomax, W4US for being our Nominating Committee this year. Here are the nominations from last month's meeting.  Please let us know if you are interested in running for a board position or would like to nominate someone else.  We can have multiple candidates for each position! President:  Steve Brannon K4STBVice President:  Ray Cline KQ4ATHSecretary:  Greg Ray KK4MHYTr...

October GARA Meeting: Building a Hotspot

With the proliferation of cheaper digital handheld radios, it has become much more affordable for hams to connect through the internet to others around the world. However, the repeaters that used to be required to do this haven't gotten cheaper. With the advent of "digital hotspots," amateurs are now able to talk with other hams worldwide without needing to rely on a repeater at all. In this month's GARA presentation by Scott Toth, ND4L, you'll learn what to buy and how to build an inexpensive hotspot that will put all of your digital radios to use even when you're not near a repeater. Download Presentation

September GARA Meeting: Solar Generators

Quite a few of us have had the pleasure of building a battery at the workshops the past couple of years at Field Day, but now Carl Fenske has a new solar power generator project he has been working on and is ready to share with us how to build it. He is planning on having items with him to show as well, so this may be a meeting you want to venture out and attend live!See you there, and 73,Steve Brannan, K4STBVice President Download the Presentation Here

August GARA Meeting: Amateur Satellites

Now, this months presentation is going to be out of this world… no, seriously! Have you ever been curious about satellite radio communication? What does that even mean? Matt Trull, KX4GG, will be sharing information on satellite radio communication, which is sure to be a very interesting topic. See you all on Monday! Steve BrannanK4STB Calendar Entry Google Meet Link

July GARA Meeting: Fox Hunting!

The GARA Fox season is officially opening from August through October. Stay tuned for more details, but we will be doing rings a little differently this year. We will have multiple opportunities to hunt the fox, and we will be keeping score throughout the season. There will be prizes as well. I will give a presentation and share more details at the club meeting this month, and we will post rules and details on the GARA website. It’s time to get your gear ready… See you all at the club meeting!Steve Brannan K4STB Calendar Entry (Meeting Info) Google Meet

2022 ARRL Field Day and Picnic with GARA

Plan now to join the Greensboro Amateur Radio Association for our 2022 ARRL Field Day activities! Setup will commence Friday, June 24th starting at 2 PM at Hagan Stone park group campsite 1. We will be putting up antennas, setting up the solar cells and batteries, and will start setting up the radios. Carl Fenske will conduct his battery building workshop Saturday June 25 @ 10:00AM. If you are interested in participating in the workshop and have not yet registered, please use this link so Carl will know what supplies he needs to bring. Field day operations will start at 2PM Saturday June 25 and end at 2PM Sunday June 26.  We will be ...