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April GARA Meeting: Parks on the Air

What is better than spending some good time in the ham shack spinning the dial and sending out waves? Maybe sitting at a beautiful state or national park spinning the dial and sending out waves! For anyone that doesn’t know, this is called Parks On The Air, or POTA. This month we will be talking about POTA, including some history, practical application, personal experiences, website etc. POTA is a growing area of interest, see what it is all about. Calendar Entry (Meeting Info) Google Meet

March GARA Meeting: Wire Antennas

In March, we will be hearing from Keith, KA4JAH, as he shares a presentation on wire antennas. This will be a fascinating topic, so please join in, either live or on Zoom. Thank you Keith for your willingness to share with us. 73, Steve Brannan - K4STB Google Meet

HF Operating Event

Open to all hams! GARA will be hosting an HF operating event from 8:30am until 4:30pm on Saturday, March 19 at the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park in Greensboro.  This event will be somewhat informal in that you're encouraged to bring your own portable HF gear to setup and work alongside everyone else!  We will be located near the General Greene monument off of Old Battleground Avenue near the front of the park (Tour Stop #8 near the parking lot).      Since this will be set in a park, we will all operate "POTA-style" with portable radios, antennas and power, but we will all use a common callsign.  If you already activate ...

February GARA Meeting: All About CW

First of all, I'd like to give a big shout out to David McLin for his work on Winter Field Day preparations and sharing the information with us last month. I believe this was a big reason why we had such a great success this year with Winter Field Day, and I for one am already looking forward to future events coming up this year. This month I will be presenting on CW from the perspective of a newer ham, but also from the perspective of why CW is still relevant and how and why we should all be striving to learn it and utilize it's potential. I will be discussing the Who, What, When, Why, Where and How of CW, and also sharing some tips and tricks ...

January GARA Meeting: WFD Prep

This month, we will hear from David McLin AC4A in preparation of Winter Field Day. David has with the help of several others worked hard to have a good plan in place for this year’s event, and we surely hope to have a great participation rate. We encourage everyone to come out, even if just for a few minutes to see the setup and maybe make a few calls on the air. We are also looking at options on how we can potentially stream part of Winter Field Day as well. Event Calendar Meeting Info Join Google Meet

November GARA Meeting: Annual Meeting and HF Propagation

This month's presentation will be: Introduction to HF Propagation presented by Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA. Carl will present to us via web meeting, but we will still meet in person at Sarah’s Kabob Shop to watch his presentation together. We will also validate the recent board election and ask for any other feedback as part of our annual meeting. We look forward to your participation!-Drew, WB4IHY Meeting Info Link to Google Meeting

October GARA Meeting: Our Repeaters!

Ham radio repeaters are pretty simple systems, but if you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, they can be a little bit of a mystery.  This month we’ll be taking a look at GARA’s repeaters and explaining all of the different parts, their architecture and connections, and showing how it all works together to allow hams all over the Triad to communicate.  We will also show you the things that have been done recently to improve our repeater setups and give a brief overview of how digital modes work on our UHF machine.  We hope to see you there!

September GARA Meeting: Using a NanoVNA

This month our very own Matt Trull will be giving a presentation on the Nano VNA.  If you’re not familiar with this small but useful device, this presentation will give you an opportunity to learn how to measure antenna resonance and antenna system efficiency using this relatively inexpensive tool and will explain the other things that it is capable of doing.   Thank you Matt! You can join us in person at 7:15pm at Sarah's Kabob Shop in Greensboro (click the link below for directions) or meet us virtually via Google Meet through this link: Google Meet for 9/27 GARA Meeting In-person Meeting Info -Drew, WB4IHY

GARA July Meeting: Building Batteries

This Monday, Carl Fenske will be continuing the battery class from Field Day.  Hopefully we can complete the battery builds. Please make sure to bring your unfinished battery builds to the meeting. For those of you who weren’t part of the class, Carl will be discussing the design, parts and build of these packs and what you would need to do to build some of your own.  Please come to learn about this fun and interesting project even if you weren’t part of the original activities! -Drew, WB4IHY July Meeting Info

2021 ARRL Field Day with GARA

Plan now to join the Greensboro Amateur Radio Association for our 2021 ARRL Field Day activities! Setup will commence Friday, June 25th starting at 2 PM at Hagan Stone park group campsite 1. We will be putting up antennas, setting up the solar cells and batteries, and will start setting up the radios. Carl Fenske will conduct his battery building workshop Saturday June 26 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. If you are interested in participating in the workshop and have not yet registered, please use this link so Carl will know what he needs to bring to the workshop. Field day operations will start at 2PM Saturday June 26 and end at 2PM Sunday June ...