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September Meeting: Learn to use Chirp

With the onslaught of cheap HTs and bargain-priced mobile radios, everyone's getting a new rig.  The big problem comes when it's time to program in a memory or adjust the PL tone; most radios require multiple levels of menus to adjust the appropriate settings and can be frustrating.  Many of the big manufacturers have software available that makes programming the radios easy if you use your computer, but one open-source application has become the go-to standard that works with radios from most any manufacturer: Chirp.  Despite Chirp's ubiquity, many people have found it difficult to understand and use, and this month we aim to help with that. In ...

August Meeting: Show Us Your Stuff!

This month we're going to try something a little different.  Considering that the weather is still nice, this seemed like it would be fun.  If there's one thing that hams like to do, it's ogle other hams' gear.  We also like to learn about new things that might spark an interest or lead to a new project idea.  With that in mind, our meeting this month will be a "Ham Show & Tell" where you'll be able to show off or talk about your latest HT, how you were able to talk on the Brandmeister network via a D-star hotspot that's linked with a C4FM reflector, your fancy new Elecraft,  or the cool way you mounted your screwdriver HF antenna onto your ...

Volunteers Needed – 36 Hours of Uwharrie

Here's a great opportunity for area hams to support the local community.  Guilford ARES has been requested to provide emergency communications for the 36 Hours of Uwharrie event. Operators are needed on Friday, August 12 and Saturday,  August 13, 2016.  Please contact Greg Spencer, KG4UQV at  chevyontherocks@netscape.com or 336-392-8031 if you can help.  More information about the event can be found at 36uwharrie.com.  Thanks for your support!

Watch the GARA July Meeting with Dr. Bob Heil

Many thanks go to Bob Heil for providing an excellent presentation via Skype for GARA's July meeting at Captain Bill's on Monday evening, July 25, 2016.  He gave an interesting, insightful and entertaining talk on all things from his history and company start to phasing, EQ, audio basics, and more.  Watch the full meeting- you won't regret it!

July Meeting- Bob Heil to be GARA’s Guest Speaker

Well, after a short wait, we've finally been able to book Dr. Heil to be our guest at the next meeting on July 25!  This is one you won't want to miss.  Bob has been hugely influential in professional audio and ham radio and is a staple on the internet webcast "Ham Nation."  Come prepared to ask questions and have a great time! We'll be live streaming the meeting so you'll be able to participate even if you can't attend in person. Keep an eye on www.w4gso.org and on GARA's social media pages for more information.  Make plans to join us at Captain Bill's on Monday, July 25. We'll see you there!

GARA Cookout and Field Day Activities

This year, the board has decided to do something different and hold our annual cookout in conjunction with Field Day activities.  Hopefully this will provide an opportunity for members to participate on the air for Field Day while enjoying food and camaraderie.  Since the cookout will be held at the Field Day location (Tannenbaum Park at the corner of Battleground Avenue and New Garden Road in Greensboro), there will be a few minor logistical and menu changes to help make things work more smoothly.  The menu changes should also help accommodate more people.  Here are the details: The cookout will be held between 4:30 and 6:00pm on Saturday, ...

Field Day Volunteers Needed – Meeting on May 26

Field Day 2016 is fast approaching. According to the ARRL, the objective of Field Day is: GARA will be hosting a Field Day station at Tannenbaum Park in Greensboro on June 25 and 26, but we cannot do it without help from you!  There will be an information and organization meeting on Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 7:00pm at the Glenn McNairy Branch Library at 4860 Lake Jeanette Road in Greensboro.  Everyone is encouraged to come to the meeting to see how you can be involved in Field Day. Patrick Moore, K2CPR is coordinating Field Day for GARA this year. He would love to hear from you ASAP indicating your interest in helping with Field Day. ...

Happy Memorial Day!

Please join GARA in honoring our veterans this Memorial Day by setting aside some time to remember their sacrifices. We hope that everyone has an excellent weekend with friends and family remembering all those who have served, and especially those who paid the ultimate price while serving our country.

Watch the GARA May Meeting Live

When we're ready, we'll start up our super Internet video machine and live stream the entire meeting in the player above.  The stream should begin around 7:15pm EST tonight, May 23, just before the Field Day presentation with Patrick, K2CPR begins.  Although we'd prefer to see you in person at Captain Bills, we're happy to see you online!

Patrick Moore, K2CPR to Present on Field Day Preparations at GARA’s May Meeting

We had a great meeting with Barry Baines, WD4ASW at our last general meeting in April. His presentation was excellent and inspiring, and it was an honor to have him at our meeting. Visit www.w4gso.org to watch his presentation if you haven't already seen it. With Field Day quickly approaching, May's meeting will revolve around the club's preparations for the event.  Patrick Moore, K2CPR will present and let us know about Field Day plans, where there are still needs, and how you can become involved.  You won't want to miss the meeting or the event- both will be a great time of fellowship and camaraderie (and food!).  See you soon!