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Sunday Night Tech Forum from December 27, 2015 – Morse Code – Listen Now!

If you missed the Tech Forum on December 27, you can still benefit from all of the great advice that was shared about how to get into CW from a lot of great CW ops!  Click the player above to hear the entire forum.  And as always, join us at 7:30pm on Sunday evenings on the 145.150 W4GSO repeater to ask questions and share knowledge yourself!  You can also join via Echolink by joining node N5ODE. Many thanks to Cameron Conover, AJ4TW, for providing the recording.


I put up a new Diamond X200A antenna on my chimney and I wanted to share it between a Dstar hotspot on UHF and My Icom 746 on 2m, in order to do that I needed to use a diplexer. I used to use a duplexer in my mobile, so I had two laying around. The first one was the Diamond MX-72.   Inside this one I found two cold solder joints, it was used in my collection and I remember having it installed in my car and then removing it because it caused a problem. Before I could even test the Diamond MX-72 I had to repair the cold solder joints. Strike one.     The second one is the MFJ-916B: Basically I just wanted ...