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August GARA Meeting

Have you ever wondered what it takes to coordinate a large, international, and dangerous trip to a remote location so that other hams can add that new entity to their QSL lists? The 2015 Navassa Island K1N DXpedition is a great example of how to raise funds, coordinate activities, and run a successful trip. Come and visit GARA at its new meeting location (Sarah's Kabob Shop in Greensboro) and watch a video talk together with us as we learn about this important event and how it happened. Come at 6:30 to eat, and the meeting will begin promptly at 7:15. Meeting Location and Info

GARA Meetings are Moving!

It's been a while since GARA changed meeting locations, but considering the challenges we faced at our old location, the Board decided it was time for a fresh start. A number of GARA members, as well as some Board members, suggested trying Sarah's Kabob Shop taking into consideration the way food is ordered, the available meeting space, the restaurant's location, and other factors. After talking to the owner and getting the meeting times on their schedule, we're happy to announce the new location. Meeting times and format will remain the same. Thanks for helping us to make this a successful transition!