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      Mark Siepak

      I’m lazy, and would appreciate not having to fight CHIRP to enter the local Repeaters into my Baofeng UV5Ra. 144 and 440 frequencies I can get from High Point/Greensboro with the Baofeng. If anyone is feeling generous and has already won the battle with CHIRP, please send a file to Thanks in advance!
      Mark from High Point

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      Scott Toth

      Mark, I’m going to send you one now. Hopefully it has what you need. It might actually have more than you want, but it could be a good place for you to start!

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      Mark, you probably know this already, but you can import directly into Chirp from repeaterbook and radioreference. That’s what I’ve been doing.

      In case Scott’s file leaves you unfulfilled, lol.

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      I can work up one for you too with Chirp if you like Mark, I also do what Fred does and pull them from Repeaterbook in the Chirp program.

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      We should get some programming files for some of the popular radios for this area on the site.

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      Mark Siepak

      Thanks, all, I appreciate it. It gets frustrating when the Chirp won’t take a change, and keeps setting offset back to 0.000, or tone keeps reverting. I am just copying and pasting whole rows, which seems to work best!
      KJ4VSM Mark from High Point

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      Collins Conover

      OT perhaps… 😉 My problem with my UV-5R is that my wife had it hostage in her car for several weeks. The day I threw away the rapid charger I found the radio again. One of my favorite uses is as a simple broadcast FM receiver when I’m on my bike. It was like a little slice of Christmas when I found that lost radio in her car.

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