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      Collins Conover

      I thought of an excuse to play recorded audio over my hotspot. The idea was that I would have a button somewhere at home that sends a command to the RPI to play a prerecorded file through the hotspot.

      My thought was that it could serve as a simple page function so that my boys or wife could get my attention when I’m out with the HT.

      What do you think from a control operator standpoint? Dare I ask a forum to discuss FCC regs… woops 😉

      Any tips on how to make it happen?

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      KC4YOZ has Amatuer Radio Newsline downloading and playing on his Dstar G4KLX/Western Dstar image mashup for the Raspberry pi. IT’s a automated deal, maybe you could contact him to see how he did it. It does it with a MP3

      Not sure about the legality, off the top I’d say it’s not legal for your purpose of what you’re wanting to do. However that’s my guess off the top with zero research on Part 97, a quick read of the rules may help you figure that out. At bare minimum the hotspot obviously would be in a “beacon” status with your call.

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      Collins Conover


      I just realized the easiest way to get my attention would be to link the gateway to 001C. They could do that with ircddb remote.

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      Chris Thompson

      I understand where you’re going with this, but it violates the control op rule. The transmitter is keyed by the action of a non-amateur. Easy solution – convince them to get licensed 😉

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      Collins Conover

      I’m looking forward to my 7 year old getting his license soon. I haven’t figured out how to dupe Meghan into getting licensed. She is a hard nut to crack. I think she is proud to be a non-ham. I hope to have a licensed son or two!

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