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      Cameron Conover

      I’ve created the Google Docs spreadsheet for Field Day Station sign ins, and the equipment list.

      Feel free to grab a spot.

      Don’t forget to RSVP for the cookout at

      Can’t wait to see you all there!

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      Scott Toth

      Here is additional information from Patrick, K2CPR and Field Day Committee Chairman:

      Hey, GARA Members!

      It’s almost here! We will be running 3A this year. This means 3 HF stations on emergency power. We will also be operating 2 bonus stations; a GOTA (Get on the Air) station for unlicensed, newly licensed and inactive Hams and a weak signal VHF/UHF station (6M/2M/440). I am still working on a satellite station, but if that fails we may attempt satellite communications through the VHF/UHF station. We only need to make one satellite contact to qualify for a multiplier!

      We have a great line up of equipment this year! The three main stations will consist of a Yaesu FT-991, an Icom IC-746PRO and…the Crown Jewel of them all…an Icom IC-7800!

      Field Day will again be held at:

      Tannenbaum Historic Park
      2200 New Garden Rd
      Greensboro, NC 27410

      Field Day starts Friday June 24th at 2PM with Field Day Setup! It’s a great opportunity to learn about different types of antennas and how they are erected. We will be using antenna launchers (think modified potato gun) to launch the ropes into the trees that will support the antennas! We will setup and test all of our antennas and setup all of our tents and other miscellaneous equipment.

      Saturday, June 25th at 8am we will continue Field Day setup with getting all of our radios, generators, computers, mesh networks and other electronic equipment up and running.

      Saturday, June 25th at 2pm on-air operations will officially commence. We will attempt to make as many contacts as possible for the next 24 hours!

      Saturday, June 25th at 4:30 pm our cook out will commence! We will be serving hot dogs, bratwurst, pizza and salad. Be sure to RSVP on the GARA website at

      Sunday, June 26th at 2PM Field Day on-air operations will come to and end, and we will begin breaking everything down.

      Field Day Assignments:
      Field Day Coordinator: Patrick, K2CPR,
      Cook-Out Coordinator: Scott, KV4UP,
      Field Day Station Captains:
      Dave, AC4A,
      Cameron AJ4TW,
      Jesse K4AX,
      Jaime N4JAI (formerly KM4PPL),

      We have created a Google Drive with spreadsheets containing sign up sheets and equipment lists. Please look over all of the sheets and sign up where ever you’d like. We also have sign-up sheets for the GOTA station for mentors and operators. Please also look over the lists of station equipment as there may be something you can add. We are in need of lights for almost all of the stations to facilitate nighttime operations. Bug lights I think might be better if possible. It can get buggy in the park at night. Please also look at the backup equipment list and add anything that you may be able to supply there as well. Here is the link:

      I am still looking for someone to Captain the Main Table. Minimal equipment, an HT for talk-in on the 15 machine if needed, the GARA banner needs to be hung, just some basic stuff. Please contact me if interested.

      Patrick Moore, K2CPR
      Financial Chairman
      2016 Field Day Coordinator
      Greensboro Amateur Radio Association

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