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      Scott Toth

      Posted on behalf of Thomas Gorhal at his request.

      I have these ham items for sale an selling out everything I own due to health reasons. If anyone is interested you can email for more info. Prices are negotiable.

      Rohm Tower 58′ asking $500

      2 meter 215B Crush craft 15 element All Mode Antenna $100

      MFJ-259 SWR Analyzer/LCD Counter Frequency 1.8-170 MHz $100

      3 element Madol 2 meter beam $30

      Antron99 10/11 meter Vertical $50

      2 meter J-Pole $25

      MFJ Lambic Keyer Paddle $75

      Realistic TRC-449 SSB + am 40 channel upper and lower been modified. $50

      Have 2 102″ whips $15 ea. Have 3 or 4 regular c b and ham antennas $10 ea.

      MFJ Differential -T Tuner 3Kw

      Model: mfj-986 inductor not tuning. Make offer

      MGE UPS System Model: Pulsar ESV 22+ Make offer

      input-120v-50/60Hz 20 2A

      output-120v-50/60Hz 18 3A Networking

      watts^/A 1540w/2200VA Not sure if it works never used it.

      Takes 4 Batteries. OSI #: CP1270F2

      I’m To Sell everything I can. Also selling of most of my house hold and outside things.

      Have 1930’s antique furniture for sale Nick-Knacks, Cookware and more.

      Not able to hardly do yard or house work do to health reasons and limitation of movement.

      THomas Grohal KV4AK



      Thanks,Thomas aka kv4ak

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