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      Cameron Conover

      Who’s going to RARSFest, or who went to RARSFest? What did you get? Who Did you see?

      There is an NCQP Forum at 11am in Meeting Room #2, if you have questions about NCQP or ideas about how to run it next time, you should come out and join in the conversation.

      I’m going down in the morning with my Brother AB3KC, see you there!

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      Did your bro come home with an Elecraft? I heard you mention he was interested in one.

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      Cameron Conover

      No, he ended up thinking hard about a Flex 1500 believe it or not. But no orders were placed.

      I got a couple Hamsticks, which I haven’t gotten resonant yet, and some cap/inductor tuning tools, and a couple of RF adapters.

      Had a lot of fun seeing everyone down there. Also attended the NCQP forum, may be some rules changes for the Club category next year.

      It was a fun one, wish I could’ve hung around longer actually, but my brothers were ready to bail.

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      Chris Thompson

      Hook your brother up with Will, AI4VE if he’s interested in the Flex 1500. Will had one for a short time, and parted with it pretty quickly. However, Will’s primary interest was CW – which the 1500 has issues with, as I recall.

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