N4G Update


From David, AJ4TF:

  • Permit application is in the hands of the National Park Service, but their new policy is that they won’t issue the permit until we provide evidence that we have paid our liability insurance policy for 2016 (which runs from March 1st to March 1st.   (someone needs to send me the paid receipt as soon as possible please!)
  • KE4MOW will not be able to provide his excellent ICOM HF rig this year, since he has it installed in his shack.   So we will be looking for someone to loan a good HF rig (preferably one that can be operated by relative beginners to HF).   
  • Antenna #1 setup: Cameron and Jesse’s supplied long wires from last year worked great, so I will be asking for those two again please.  🙂   I now have a pretty decent launcher (CSV19) which I will bring.
  • Laptops:  I will be looking for Chan to bring them again, but I am going to change out the logging program to something better, probably N1MM.   Suggestions welcome here, but I probably won’t plan on having a LAN unless someone wants to be dedicated to setting that up and making it work (without my assistance!)
  • HF rig #2 (FT450) from W4JLH, Tent from NX4U, tables and chairs from N4JLW have been confirmed.
  • Last but not least,  we need operators!  Especially for the night shift.  Since we are going to be an official NPOTA activation, I expect we will have some pretty good pileups.   Last year (as in prior years) there were many times where there were not enough people manning radios, so we probably missed out on some contacts.  Please pass the word.
  • Publicity:  I have already taken care of the NPOTA and ARRL (QST) notifications, would like some help with local media, please.

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