Come out and join us as we operate from Mayo River State Park for the North Carolina Parks On The Air event, September 9th and 10th. We will be located in the Group Camp area, where primitive camping is permitted. The site is a bit smaller than where we normally operate at Hagan Stone, but still provides some amenities such as picnic tables, fire pit, pedestal grill, and bathrooms. There are plenty of trees for wire antennas as well. The tentative plan right now is to set up a single dipole and one HF station. We can expand the operations if needed, depending on the number of folks who come out. The rules for this event do not lock us into a particular station count, so we can set up other stations without affecting our class. The official start time of operations is 8am on the 9th and ends at 8pm on the 10th. I will be speaking with the ranger soon to determine if we will be able to operate until 8pm on the 10th, which is a Sunday. Some of us plan to camp out Friday and Saturday night. If you would like more information, feel free to reach out, and you may find more details on the event itself at this link:

Thanks and 73,
Matt Trull KX4GG

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