13 Colonies Special Event

Now that everyone has survived Field Day it’s time to set our sights on the next event- the 13 Colonies Special Event Stations!  If you’ve never worked this special event, it’s a great time that comes with a fun reward at the end.  The event is in honor of Independence Day and the birth of the Republic.

Starting Tuesday, June 30 and running through Sunday, July 5, there will be a total of 15 special event stations on the air on HF (and, in the case of Wm3PEN, on D-Star!).  There will be stations in each of the original 13 Colonies, and two additional stations: one in Philadelphia, and one in Durham, England.  The goal is to work all 15 stations.  Once you’ve accomplished that, you’re eligible to request this year’s event certificate, showcasing patriots from each of the colonies.  If you also work the two additional stations, your certificate will arrive with a special endorsement for each of those.  The stations will use various modes including CW, SSB, RTTY, and PSK31.

Additionally, each station has its own annual QSL card with information about a patriot from that colony on it.  Getting them is as easy as sending your card with a SASL to the QSL manager for each station and waiting for the card in return.  Receiving all 15 QSL cards and the certificate makes for a nice collection to share with friends and family.

To top it all off, two of our very own club members will be event operators for North Carolina using the K2J call sign!  Jesse Lindley, K4AX, and Cameron Conover, AJ4TW will be operating as K2J during the event.  Be sure to look for them on the bands!

If you’d like more information about the event, you can find it at the official website here.  Check the spotting sites frequently and you’ll have all 15 stations in your log in no time!

Good luck, have fun, and Happy Independence Day!

2 Replies to "13 Colonies Special Event"

  • Chris Thompson
    July 1, 2015 (8:28 pm)

    Grabbed all 15 on day one. Had to wait for Rhode Island to come back on in the afternoon, and then wait a while for propagation to change on 40m. Propagation to Great Britain wasn’t so hot during the day, but seemed to improve after sunset. This is a fun one I usually do. Sometimes it pays to have the day off!

  • Scott Toth
    July 7, 2015 (11:48 am)

    I didn’t think I’d be able to get all of the special event stations because I had family in town for the weekend, but thankfully between using D-star to log contacts with WM3PEN and GB13COL and most stations having light traffic on Sunday evening, I got them all. Now on to the task of sending envelopes and QSL cards!

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