August Meeting: Show Us Your Stuff!

This month we’re going to try something a little different.  Considering that the weather is still nice, this seemed like it would be fun.  If there’s one thing that hams like to do, it’s ogle other hams’ gear.  We also like to learn about new things that might spark an interest or lead to a new project idea.  With that in mind, our meeting this month will be a “Ham Show & Tell” where you’ll be able to show off or talk about your latest HT, how you were able to talk on the Brandmeister network via a D-star hotspot that’s linked with a C4FM reflector, your fancy new Elecraft,  or the cool way you mounted your screwdriver HF antenna onto your Prius.  The plan will be to start off inside and eventually move outside into the parking lot to see mobile rigs and antennas, how they’re setup, etc.  Small flags available for you to clip to your mobile antenna to let people know that you’re open to showing off your setup as they move from car to car.
Be thinking now of what you’d like to bring for Show & Tell.  We’d love to have great participation and learn about all of the new and exciting things you all are doing!

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