W4GSO UHF Digital Dashboard

Last November (2018), GARA installed its newest repeater: a Yaesu DR-1X modified to run digital modes using an MMDVM modem and running the now-ubiquitous PiStar operating system.  This new setup, recently designated the “Steve Blackford, K4SQI Memorial Digital Repeater” by the GARA board of directors, replaced the aging D-star-only repeater that served Greensboro for ten years.  While the repeater setup, which runs both D-star and Fusion/C4FM, has been working very well, until now there hasn’t been a way to see to which reflectors the repeater is linked or tell who has used it recently.  Thankfully that problem has finally been resolved.  The repeater dashboard is now online and ready for you to use.  Bookmark http://dashboard.w4gso.org or visit the link below to check it out!

W4GSO Dashboard

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