Repeaters & Nets

W4GSO Repeaters Net Schedule

Every evening @ 7:30pm EST – NTS Piedmont Triad Traffic Net
Tuesdays @ 9:00pm EST – North Carolina and Friends D-Star Net on the 442.8625 D-Star Repeater
Thursdays @ 9:00pm EST – Guilford County ARES Information Net on the 145.150 FM Repeater
Sundays @ 8:30pm EST – The GARA Sunday Evening Net featuring a ragchew first followed by the Amateur Radio Newsline on the 145.150 FM Repeater

Other local nets that are held temporarily on 145.150:
Mondays @ 8:00pm EST – Skywarn Info Net
Wednesdays @ 8:45pm EST – W4GG Guilford Amateur Society Ragchew Net

W4GSO Repeaters

VHF Analog/C4FM 145.150MHz -600KHz; PL Tone In/Out: 100.0 Hz

UHF D-Star 442.8625MHz

GARA currently maintains two repeaters at the same location in North Greensboro, with antennas at around 300 feet above ground level at one of the highest elevation points in Guilford County.

GARA’s VHF machine is a state of the art Yaesu Systems Fusion DR1X repeater running in analog and digital mixed mode and can be accessed at 145.150 MHz -600KHz.  Analog only users should use a PL Tone of 100.0 Hz on both transmit and receive.  This will make sure that analog users will not have to listen to digital “noise” when digital is in use.

Analog users should also check to see if a digital conversation is in place before keying up in analog.  Just as you wouldn’t interrupt in the middle of an analog QSO, the same should apply to digital QSOs.  Emergency and Priority Traffic always have priority.  Analog users can key up in between digital transmissions which will switch the repeater back to analog mode.  If you need to do this, simply follow the same protocol as you would on an analog only repeater.  Digital users are reminded to keep their radios in Auto mode so that they will still hear analog users.

The W4GSO-R EchoLink node is up and running on the W4GSO repeater.  Echolink is available for most platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, and mobile platforms like Android and iPhone.  The node is running in Auto (mixed) mode and will switch automatically between analog and digital depending on the signal that is present on the repeater.  Anyone is welcome to use the node and it is a great way for otherwise analog only users to experience and participate in the C4FM digital mode.

The GARA W4GSO Port B D-Star machine is on UHF at 442.8625MHz. The D-Star repeater has been on the air since September 22, 2008 and has DPlus gateway access to other repeaters or reflectors that allows local users to easily make contacts all over the world, and for users to link to W4GSO to talk to local repeater users.

This machine was modified by Arch KT4AT’s D-Controller that has many features the Icom controller does not have such as Voice Announcements and IDs, diagnostics, courtesy tones that change tone depending on repeater status, Echo status with bit error rate, and many other functions that are not available on the Icom controller.