August GARA Meeting – Pre-Shelby Sale!

This month’s meeting will have a lot of things to offer and you’re going to want to be there.  First off, GARA will have many items on hand that have been donated to the club for fundraising purposes and will be selling them at the meeting.  Anything that isn’t sold will be taken to the Shelby Hamfest and sold there, so this is your chance to get some great deals on some good gear.  Much of the gear that will be on hand is test or computer equipment, but we will also have a full list of stuff that GARA has for sale.

Second, we’re going to have a short announcement from Kenny Grabarczyk, KK4HAO about his desire to start up an NTS traffic net in the NC Piedmont area.  He would like to let us know of his vision and potential solutions in case anyone is interested in helping this to become a reality.

Finally, the presentation will be given by Scott Toth, KV4UP, about basic computer networking concepts.  Sometimes there seems to be some trepidation about getting computer networks to operate properly, and considering the huge number of new ways hams can use computer networks to communicate through digital protocols, getting a solid understanding of how different devices talk to one another should help make setup easier.

We hope to see you on Monday, August 28 at Cooper’s Ale House!

Meeting Details

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