July GARA Meeting- Time to Learn CW!

Well, now that another Field Day has passed and we’re moving into the summer heat, it’s time to get back to business and meet in the cool, refreshing air conditioning at Cooper’s Ale House on Monday, July 24.  If you’re like me (i.e., not proficient in Morse Code), there’s probably a mystique surrounding CW and using Morse Code in amateur radio despite the things you’ve read and heard.  Even if you’re an old pro, this month’s presentation will be a treat that will bring a lot of good information.  Our very own Chris Thompson, K4HC, will be speaking to the club about Morse Code, how to learn it, how to operate using it, and many other topics surrounding this mode.  If you’ve never thought about learning Morse, if you’ve tried and stopped, or even if you’ve been operating with it using your computer and you’d like to jump into keying the dits and dahs yourself using the computer between your ears, this presentation is sure to encourage you to take that next step.  Be sure to be there!

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