Santa’s On the Air!

Many hams might not realize it, but Santa is an avid amateur radio operator and loves to talk to children around Christmastime!  There are multiple ways to get in touch with Santa, so we thought it might be helpful to list them here.  Here is the list as we know it:

November 27 through December 24: The 3916 Net hosts Santa Nets starting at 8:30PM EST on, you guessed, it 3.916 MHz.  You can find more information here.

December 19 through December 31: Keep an eye on the spots for Old Father 9 Christmas (OF9X) from Santa Claus World throughout this time.  There is no set frequency, but you can QSL and get a great card for the little ones to keep!  Here’s some extra info.

We hope everyone has a great Christmas and has a chance to meet Santa on the air!

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