January Meeting: Learn About the “Odyssey of the Mind” Event!

Hams are always looking for opportunities to serve their community.  It seems that the need for amateur communications has waned with the advent of personal electronic devices, but hams in Greensboro have an opportunity to put their skills to good use on April 1.  An event called “Odyssey of the Mind” is coming to Greensboro that day and a number of volunteers will be needed to help fulfill communications needs.  This event has been held in Raleigh and served by hams there for a number of years, but this year, it’s our turn!

Brian Young, KA9QJT, who has organized hams for the event in Raleigh in the past, will be speaking to the club via Skype at our meeting on January 23 to help us understand the scope and depth of what is required so that we can organize most effectively.  You’ll want to be sure to attend so that you can see how you can be part of this great event.  See you then!

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